This is our story.


The Bikini Shoppe has been operated and run under same ownership for the past 26 years. Starting from the

very beginning, we threw ourselves into this crazy world called retail. Getting to know our customers,

building trust, and buying merchandise quickly became second nature. As time went on, we continuously

poured our heart and soul into our little shop next to the beach. Our clientele grew, our brands expanded,

our minds flourished and our hearts were full.

We are women who help women.

We pride on locality as, we are your mission beach ‘kini cave. From the salt spray in your hair, to the shoes on

your feet, we have it all. We hope you enjoy the snippets of our style, taste, and love as you browse our

website and spring in our store. Welcome to The Bikini Shoppe.


Take a tour of our shop!


We are excited to announce that we have re-opened! Our shop is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized every day and we are following all of the recommended social distancing guidelines. Our new hours are Monday – Sunday: 9am to 6pm. Please remember to wear your mask!

Come visit us in Mission Beach!